First Principles of The Vagabonds Cricket Club

  1. That the team be of a social disposition with a keen interest in the
    sport but without parochial ties to village, work, town or village.
  2. The membership be limited to 50 players, although guests may be
    invited to play at the discretion of the Captain of the day.
  3. Only ‘Wets’ may play for the V.C.C.. Teetotalers can expect to be discriminated against.
  4. That wives, girlfriends, relations and other lesser mortals are fully
    conversant with the club’s male chauvinistic code of conduct and are
    totally committed to supporting the activities of their menfolk.
  5. That fixtures be arranged where possible against known social
    sides and preferably against weaker opposition so that we may all enjoy good averages.
  6. That the phrase “It’s not cricket” be observed, understood, and
    practiced : gamesmanship will be deeply frowned upon unless, of
    course it helps us win, or avoid losing a match
  7. Failure to comply with these principles could lead to a member
    being fined, the currency for the fines being pints of ale, the quantity
    being determined by the severity of the misdemeanor : at the end
    of the season the accumulated points to be drunk by the committee.

These principles were scribed by Barrie Walshe in a pub in 1980.

Naturally, the principles were intended to be humorous and we respect allcomers & have had many who do not drink for religious or other reasons.