Match Manager Duties:

When it is your turn to be Match Manager, these are your duties

  • 2 weeks before the game send an email to all Vags confirming who is available according to the availability chart and asking if there are any changes. Email Template Here
  • 2 weeks before the game contact the opposition (password-protected contact details here) to confirm game and if any problems. We can then come up with an action plan if needed. cc the Vags captain in on this comms. Email Template Here
  • The weekend before the game, (or Monday morning latest) send a list of those available to the Vags captain so a selection email can be sent out.


Resources to find opposition when we have been let down (links open in new window):

Club Cricket Conference: Main Number: 07859 924683 (9.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday)

The Fixture List



Timed Game Rules

Allows for all four results

  • Team batting 1st bats for 2hrs 30 mins (if team is bowled out or declares before then that extra time is added to the team batting 2nd)
  • Team batting 2nd bats for 1 hour + 20 overs (count down overs on scoreboard after the hour)
  • No limit on number of overs per bowler
  • 2 New Balls
  • Usually works out at about 35-40 overs per innings

Joint Emails:

Only works from pre-registered email addresses

Send an emails to all Vagabonds :

Send email to those who expressed an interest in the Tour:

Send an email just to committee:

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