Match Manager Duties:

When it is your turn to be Match Manager, these are your duties

  • 2 weeks before the game email to be sent out to Vags confirming who is available as set out in the availability chart and if there are any changes
  • 2 weeks before the game contact the opposition (password-protected contact details here) to confirm game and if any problems we can then come up with an action plan if needed. cc the Vags captain in on this comms.
  • Names to be passed to the Vags captain the weekend before so a selection email can be sent out on the Monday before the game by the Vags captain.
  • Contact Daisy at The Sun Inn 01420 562338 midweek confirming Teas and what time we need them (note we have variable start times). Also alert if weather problems!
  • If the weather is looking unsettled liaise with Peter Caines, Bentworth groundsman 01420 88592‬ and keep the Vags captain updated


Resources to find opposition when we have been let down (links open in new window):

Club Cricket Conference: 020 8973 1830

The Fixture List



Timed Game Rules

Allows for all four results

  • Team batting 1st bats for 2hrs 30 mins (if team is bowled out or declares before then that extra time is added to the team batting 2nd)
  • Team batting 2nd bats for 1 hour + 20 overs (count down overs on scoreboard after the hour)
  • No limit on number of overs per bowler
  • 2 New Balls
  • Usually works out at about 35-40 overs per innings

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