2015 Match Reports

Brook CC 21st June 2015 Away - LOST
No match report – maybe cos we lost!
Little Marlow CC 7th June 2015 - WON
TWO match reports!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in South Buckinghamshire 10 Vagabonds gathered at Little Marlow.
After a brief inspection of the pitch, it was concluded that it was a standard Little Marlow pitch, flat, hard, a batting paradise.
So as expected Boote lost the toss and were put in the bowl, preparing to be out there until 6 o’clock chasing a few as we had done in previous years.
In his first game this year Bertie was thrown the new ball where he started as if he had been netting all winter. From the other end Emily waddled in, having to deliberately shorten his run up to remove the small hill and a chance of an asthma attack.
After a few poor shots the Vags had their first wicket after 4 overs as the Marlow opener missed a full toss.
Controversy struck not long after the first wicket as in Stuart Broad like fashion there remaining opening bat smashed the leather off it to Chair who eventually managed to hold it. This was followed by a reversal in walking decisions between their umpire and the batsman as the umpire walked to have a chat with square leg and their bat stood still to point at the ground as if to say he had hit the ground with his cut shot. NOT OUT the decision remained.
Justice was served shortly after as Emily, in a career first removed the ‘cheat’s’ off stump. Berties pace was too much for numbers 4 and 6 and with 5 going for a LBW from Emily, the vags found themselves well on top having the opposition 50 odd for 6. Three a piece for the openers.
After arriving when he felt like it Mr. Nelson and STD took over the reins with equal success. From one end we had sharp in swingers and the other a lot of variety keeping batsman on their toes throughout never knowing what to expect (you decide who was at what end). Out shining Emily slightly Nelson sent centre stick cartwheeling in his 2nd over. A stunning caught and bowled from Stu saw their skipper and by far there best bat back in the hut. STD finished with 3 of his finest wicket which saw the innings concluded for 130.
Tea had a mixed opinions, a personal highlight was learning about the affect cucumber has on heartburn.
Tris and Mr. Berryman set us off on the chase, and seemed to enjoy the facilities provided. Boundaries were flowing as both settled and kicked on well, with some very entertaining strokes. SB found his way quickly to a very impressive 50. It wasn’t until the Vags had passed 100 until Tris fell after scoring a solid 44. The Skipper strolled in and knocked off those that remained in short time with SB finishing in the 70’s, meaning ample time in the picturesque Queens Head.
There was one roast which received a 3.



Hi Boots, below is a match report for Sunday, Emily texted me asking me to do it then when i had finished said he had sent you one anyway!

Match Report vs Little Marlow 2015

As Emily Scott has found ‘so much work to do’ and I have finished university for the year, he offloaded the responsibility for this report onto me.

It was hot. The pitch was flat. Perfect toss to win and bat. Boots lost, we were bowling.

The Vagabonds youth policy was put into action and it started well with E. Scott picking up both openers cheaply. One of which had riled the team after guiding one to the Chairman behind the stumps and refusing to walk. There weren’t many hurt feelings as after our two opening bowlers had finished, Marlow were 54-6 with 3 wickets a piece for Scott and Kennedy.

Having arrived late, PK came into the attack and dutifully picked up a wicket which sent the middle stump spiralling out the ground. At the other S. Davidson was coming off his long run, mixing up his paces and also managed to get 3 people out.

While the wickets were tumbling at one end, the Marlow no. 3 was accumulating runs and amassed 70-odd resulting in Marlow being bowled out for 130.

Tea was well received, the pakoras and chicken tikka sandwiches being particular highlights.

S. Berryman and T. Hutchins strode to the crease and proceeded to go about the chase in a very professional manner. Steve was scoring at a good rate with some lovely shots straight down the ground and past 50 in what seemed like no time. Trius was also keeping things ticking over with great shots through the covers.

With 10 left to get Trius fell for a very well constructed 41, which bought R. Boote to the crease, looking forward to putting his new piece of wood to the test. He went 4 4 0 4 and the game was finished.

An good all round performance from the Vags and well done to Steve for his unbeaten 70 odd.


Newport Inn CC 17th May 2015 Home - DRAW
This will be short and sweet! My apologies…..

We definitely got the weather for it if my overly ruddy complexion today is anything to go by!

After a good pre-game session in the pub where it was found that tea had been forgotten about by Mary (sorted by the Skip with some help from the oppo in going to collect it during their batting innings!) we moved up to the ground and nearly managed to start on time.

Skip won the toss and elected to field first. With PK at one end swinging it and Steve H at the other getting a lot of seam movement it looked as though we may well strike early on but that was not to be as the Newport batsman rode their luck early on. They quickly moved to 60 odd without loss before changes were made in our bowling attack. Luke H coming on and getting royally slapped around for 3 overs before being replaced by R Hill and Ali K (who actually took a wicket!) bowling a decent line and length but just not getting the rub of the green.

R Hill was our standout bowler on the day bowling a lot of overs and finally getting the breakthrough with a decent catch from Tom H. One Newport batsman had taken a real liking to our bowling and ended on 160 odd not out! We did give him a lot of chances but he took them so fair pay I guess. Highlights of our fielding were R Hill and P Hibbert with the ball and P Kennelly with a stunning slip catch taken behind him! Our fielding wasn’t great and other than the aforementioned our bowling wasn’t awesome either…..much to improve on.

We ended up facing a target of around 280. A big ask but certainly a possibility given our batting strength in recent times.

Tom H and Steve B opened up and got us to 40 odd before a combination of some decent bowling and an opposition who had fielders lining the boundary after 8 (yup, 8!!) overs and a pitch that had become tricky to bat on meant that our scoring never really gained the momentum that we needed. Both Steve and Tom played decent knocks for around 25-30 each, The Skip got a ball that pitched and stayed really low and return to the pavilion for 2 runs. Luke H got run out. Tris played really well for 30 odd, Ali K hit a few decent blows and by the time the final 20 overs were up we had ended on 160 or so for 7. Special mention should go to our returning Chairman. He kept really well and ended on 30 odd not out, even hitting the last ball of the game out of the ground and into the field opposite. Phil K hit a few decent blows in their partnership too.

So, a draw, not our finest performance and I’m certain better things will come over the season from us all. How nice was it to finally get some decent weather and be able to spend the day in the sunshine though?

Awesome, roll on the next game!

Sorry if I have forgotten anyone, I’m doing it all from memory!



Broadhalfpenny Down CC 10th May 2015 Away - WON
Ah summer, the smell of freshly mown grass, a cool breeze on your cheek, the sun warming your neck. Beer gardens, BBQs and shorts. Also, up and down the country, the reassuring thwack of leather on willow. There are a few places in cricket history that would be in the ‘premier league of prestige’, Lords would certainly be there, as would the MCC and Centurion. However, the only place that the Vagabonds play is the famous wicket at Hambledon. Home of the Broadhalfpenny Down Brigands and the site of the earliest international matches and first class matches as we step in the footsteps of some of the greats of the game.

As is usual, we met in pub where a few pre-match isotonic sports beers were had and top athletes carb loaded on roasts, pies and gammon in anticipation of a hard fought battle ahead. After losing the toss and being put into bat, we assembled for a team photo for the NATIONAL PRESS (news on that to follow). With wispy clouds and a pale blue sky today was almost perfect for cricket. The view over the downs was, of course, magnificent with the yellows, greens and blues of various fields complimenting the exquisite batting from our opening pair. Mr Berryman and Mr Whitman put on a cracking 92, with pretty pulls, dainty drives and exquisite edges. Steve Berryman was eventually bowled and was passed by Mr Hutchins as he trudged back to the pavilion. Alan Whitman reached his century to warm applause from all, especially the small crowd of spectators who were watching from pub. He was eventually caught for 118, with Mr Lockwood taking his place. Both he and Trius played some rather wonderful stuff, eventually ending on 73 (Mr Hutchins) and a speedy 47 (Mr Lockwood). By tea, the Vags were 278 for 2 off 47 overs, in what was one of the most assured and comfortable batting displays I have seen for a while.

After tea, as the sun got lower in the skies we stepped out onto the field. Opening the bowling were Mr Willings and Mr Kennelly. Both nursing injuries (or so they claimed) they generally kept to a good line and length with PK striking in his 4th over. With a target so high, a defeat never seemed likely. Some assured fielding and wickets for PK, Mr Willings, Mr Howard and Skip the Brigands were all out for 111. A mightily strong victory in the cradle of cricket. Huzzah!

Special mention should also be made for Vagabond debutant Mark Morten whose coloured coded scoring can give us all something to aspire to. The national press present were from The Cricket Paper and, I believe, an article with pictures of the match should appear in the last issue of the month as part of a new feature over different versions of the game., so keep a weather eye out for that!

All the best,


Dogmersfield CC 21st April 2015 Away - LOST
The wind howled. Lightening stabbed at the earth erratically, like an
inefficient assassin. Thunder rolled back and forth across the dark, rain
lashed hills. The night was as black as the inside of a cat. It was the kind
of night, if you believe in such sorts of things, on which gods moved men as
though they were pawns on the chessboard of fate. In the middle of this
elemental storm a fire gleamed among the dripping fern bushes like the madness
in the eye if a weasel. It illuminated 11 hunched figures. As the cauldron
bubbled an eldritch voice shrieked ‘When shall we 11 all met again?’

There was a pause.

Finally, another voice said, in far more ordinary tones ‘Well, how about next
April in Dogmersfield?’

And so, a mere 8 months after the all-conquering tour to France, the Vagabonds
assembled in the garden of a pub in one of the more up market areas of
Hampshire. Some faces had survived the winter relatively unscathed, other
faces were new, replacing those that were unable to return to the crease. One
face was bearing the scars and thousand year stare of a chap who had been
privy to a rather heavy night of brandy and cigars and whose man servant has
not perfected the morning cocktail to alleviate hangovers.
With Skip losing the toss, we were to bat first. Tweaker and Stevie Berryman
opened and started off nicely. Some nice shots at a decent pace:
Rosco, Lukey, Tris and Stevie Hyde made it into the teens.
Tweaker, who showed what we all had suspected, that too much practice
is bad for form, scored 71.

Eventually, a competitive total of 198 all out was posted. It was a solid
start to the season, however match summarisers Tweaker and Jeggings felt it
was maybe ’20, 25 short on this wicket’.

Tea was pleasant. The legendary ‘Rothmans Supers’ mugs were out in force and
the boys got through the sarnies, tarts and sausages like a hot knife through
the kind of cold butter that is a bugger to spread and ruins your bread.

We started to defend our total with Stevie Hyde and Cementos bowling a decent
line and length, which gave the batsmen a few issues and cause to hunker down
and concentrate. Trius was, as ever, an impeccable stand-in behind the stumps
for our dear chair. He even endeared himself to his fielders by not
complaining, shouting and offering withering looks to anyone who dared throw
it at his feet. The start was slow at first, with the batsmen watching well
and playing themselves in. Eventually, as the bowlers began to tire the run
rate picked up and some big boundaries were hit. Despite some nice bowling
from all involved (Mr’s Davidson, Harding and Boote all showing promise for
the season ahead) and a fantastic catch from new Chappie Stevie Berryman out
in the boundary (it was so athletic, that he dropped his fag in the process),
Dogmersfield got over the line with a few overs to go and a few wickets in

All in all, despite the result, a promising display which is encouraging for
the season ahead. But, much more importantly, the cricket is back! I for one
am bloody glad of that…bring on the summer!